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By unknown, May 20 2015 07:59AM

We are very pleased to announce that we will be launching our Laces Program in our Saturday Family skate sessions, this will include a Teeny Tots skills card for our 7yr and under skaters.

The program will run as it is currently, we are aware that some of our younger skaters do not have laces on their skates, so when a Skill card has been passed and you want to purchase your certificate, shoe tag and the next level card which is all for £5, a key-ring will replace the laces and then you can attach the shoe tags to your key-ring.

On the Teeny Tots card a smiley face will be placed against each skill passed, when all the skills have been achieved a certificate along with a sticker will be awarded also the next level skills card.

Please remember, you do not have to join in the program, you might want to keep your skating casual, perhaps you’d like to join in later when you feel more confident. The Laces Program is fun skating and no one should feel pressured to take part and one of the important things to remember is there is no time limit for this program.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Happy skating

Willaboobz and ClaireBear

By Victoria Wallace, Apr 21 2015 01:00PM

What is it?

Born to Skate’s goal is to give each member the opportunity to learn a well-rounded set of roller skating skills. The Laces Program has been designed to underpin recognised skating disciplines such as Roller Derby, Hockey, Artistic Skating etc. or to ensure skaters get the most fun out of recreational skating.

How does it work?

The Laces Program has 10 progressive grades, each grade is represented by a colour and consists of a number of Roller Derby, Artistic, Jam and Street skating skills. Grade one (white laces) has been designed for beginners, each grade gets progressively challenging to ensure skaters of any ability can join the program and work towards becoming more skilled.

If you decide to join the Laces Program you will be given a card to look after which explains each of the skills and how you can pass them. At each skate session members of the B2S crew will be available to help teach you the skills. Once you have been taught, have practised and are feeling confident you can ask a B2S assessor to watch you. If you successfully perform the skill the assessor will sign your card to say you have passed. Once all the skills on your card have been signed off you will be ready to progress to the next grade.

Once you have passed a grade you can purchase a certificate, a set of coloured roller skate laces, a shoelace tag and the card for your next grade for £5.00. The laces and tags are unique to Born to Skate, when you pass a grade you should wear your laces and the tag to indicate what grade skater you are. When you pass the next grade you can change the laces for the new colour but leave the tags on your skates to show people how far you have come.

How to sign up?

If you would like to join the Laces Program please see Hayley so that you can put your name on the list. Skaters become eligible once they have completed the free induction session run by Lucy, and have formally joined the club. It’s free to sign up to the laces program.

Your Assessors are Hayley (aka Willaboobz), Paul (aka Firemink) and Adele (aka Smelly Delly), once your card is complete hand it to an Assessor to gain your first set of Laces and Certificate.

Do I have to sign up?

In short – no! We understand that you might want to keep your skating casual, perhaps you’d like to join in later after you are feeling more confident or maybe you are already skilled skater and could teach us a thing or to, please do!, whatever the reason the most important thing is that skating is fun and no one should feel pressured to take part in the Laces Program unless they really want to.

By Victoria Wallace, Jan 14 2015 10:21PM

Roller skating is a fantastic activity to burn calories and lose weight because roller skating is both a lot of fun and an aerobic activity.

It is aerobic activities, after all, like running and swimming, that are famous for burning large amounts of calories in a short amount of time. But activities like running aren’t a lot of fun for most people, and many force themselves to do it only to quit a month or two later because it’s so unenjoyable.

Roller skating is great, then, because it is both aerobic and a lot of fun. The amount of calories burned roller skating isn’t quite as large as the amount of calories burned running, however, but running isn’t fun either.

t’s this balance between fun and calorie burning that makes weight loss possible, because weight loss doesn’t happen over a week, but over months and years.

The amount of calories burned roller skating will vary, much as any aerobic activity, based on how much you weigh.

All data is from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

• 130 pounds: 413 calories burned per hour

• 155 pounds: 493 calories burned per hour

• 180 pounds: 572 calories burned per hour

• 205 pounds: 651 calories burned per hour

So you can see that 2 hours skating per week will burn over 800 calories. Now you can join us at the pub for a pint of cider after skating, guilt free!

By Victoria Wallace, Jan 14 2015 10:14PM

There aren’t many sports that are as much fun for everyone in the family to enjoy and participate in, as roller skating. And a Born to Skate session is a perfect activity to enjoy as part of a day out with the kids in Devon givng whole family to learn to skate. Even very young children can don a pair of skates and skate around with the help of adults.

One thing that is noticeable when you are taking a break is that almost everyone has smiles on their faces. Roller skating is a fun way for families to bond when family members are learning or teaching each other to skate. Individuals can compete in fun jumping competitions that are often held during the session, and for those who are quickly excelling in the sport, it becomes fun to dodge, duck, dip and dive in front, behind or to the side of many of the human obstacles that come rolling into your path from all directions.

It’s easy to have so much fun roller skating that you can forget what great exercise it also is. Actually, the amount of exercise one gets is hugely deceptive. It’s obvious that once you get good at it, more effort is required to go faster. However, even if you spend most of the time falling over whilst you are learning, the very act of getting up and down will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

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