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Born to Skate Laces Program

By Victoria Wallace, Apr 21 2015 01:00PM

What is it?

Born to Skate’s goal is to give each member the opportunity to learn a well-rounded set of roller skating skills. The Laces Program has been designed to underpin recognised skating disciplines such as Roller Derby, Hockey, Artistic Skating etc. or to ensure skaters get the most fun out of recreational skating.

How does it work?

The Laces Program has 10 progressive grades, each grade is represented by a colour and consists of a number of Roller Derby, Artistic, Jam and Street skating skills. Grade one (white laces) has been designed for beginners, each grade gets progressively challenging to ensure skaters of any ability can join the program and work towards becoming more skilled.

If you decide to join the Laces Program you will be given a card to look after which explains each of the skills and how you can pass them. At each skate session members of the B2S crew will be available to help teach you the skills. Once you have been taught, have practised and are feeling confident you can ask a B2S assessor to watch you. If you successfully perform the skill the assessor will sign your card to say you have passed. Once all the skills on your card have been signed off you will be ready to progress to the next grade.

Once you have passed a grade you can purchase a certificate, a set of coloured roller skate laces, a shoelace tag and the card for your next grade for £5.00. The laces and tags are unique to Born to Skate, when you pass a grade you should wear your laces and the tag to indicate what grade skater you are. When you pass the next grade you can change the laces for the new colour but leave the tags on your skates to show people how far you have come.

How to sign up?

If you would like to join the Laces Program please see Hayley so that you can put your name on the list. Skaters become eligible once they have completed the free induction session run by Lucy, and have formally joined the club. It’s free to sign up to the laces program.

Your Assessors are Hayley (aka Willaboobz), Paul (aka Firemink) and Adele (aka Smelly Delly), once your card is complete hand it to an Assessor to gain your first set of Laces and Certificate.

Do I have to sign up?

In short – no! We understand that you might want to keep your skating casual, perhaps you’d like to join in later after you are feeling more confident or maybe you are already skilled skater and could teach us a thing or to, please do!, whatever the reason the most important thing is that skating is fun and no one should feel pressured to take part in the Laces Program unless they really want to.

Apr 29 2015 06:28PM by Naomi

My 6 year old daughter loves skating. What is price and times please.

Apr 29 2015 07:55PM by Born to Skate Team - Vicky aka VicTron

Hi Naomi

We have a family skate on a Saturday, all the information, times and prices are here or you can email us at [email protected]

We will look forward to welcoming you and your daughter :)

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